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Private Investigations for Businesses

Establish Trust

Prevent a bad situation from happening by protecting your company with professional background check services and becoming aware of any unusual financial situations your employees or partner businesses are involved in.

Uncover Fraud

Serving businesses nationwide, Alliance Investigation Group, LLC is committed to uncovering fraud in insurance claims. Our team investigates claimed insurance fraud for employees, individuals and businesses because we are determined to help businesses accomplish their investigative goals.

Provide Protection

As with any legal situation, investigation or surveillance work, security and safety is our top priority. Our investigative team is trained in providing quality protection for all parties involved, and is dedicated to maintaining the strictest confidentiality for every case. Alliance Investigation Group, LLC will assign the right private investigator to your case and guarantee top-notch protection for executives, employees, and everyone else involved.

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Workers Compensation Investigation

Insurance Investigations

Domestic Investigation

Criminal Investigations

Civil Litigation Support

Court House Research

Witness Location and Interviews

Service of Process

Missing Person Location & Investigations

Skip Tracing

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Prospective Tenant Background Screening

Live GPS Tracking

Personal Protection

Executive Protection